For over 35 years, Nielsen has been bringing custom framers the highest quality aluminum frames in the world. With over 400 references, Nielsen offers innovative design solutions in a wide assortment of profiles, colors and exclusive anodized finishes.

Nielsen is the only manufacturer with an extruding, anodizing and painting facility devoted exclusively to picture frame moulding, allowing strict quality control every step of the way.

More Colors!

Beautiful finishes on a clean, simple profile are ideal for contemporary and modern styles
  • Rich finishes enhance modern and sophisticated design styles
  • Translucent finishes mimic popular jewelry tones
  • Anodized finishes offer a sleek, flawless surface
  • Proudly made in the USA

NEW! Tiffany Collection

Beautiful polished finishes on a clean simple profile are ideal for contemporary and modern styles.


NEW! Fusion Collection

Rich, brushed finishes in neutral metallic tones enhance classic and casual art.


Elevations Collection

Two elegant profiles reflecting the lines of classic metal home accents. Generous rabbet depths coupled with the inherent strength of aluminum make these mouldings ideal for oversized images, commercial work, and the most trend-forward décor applications.


Timberline Collection

A brand new way to offer your customer the look of wood with the benefits of aluminum. The Timberline Collection  features 3 wood-look wraps on 4 profiles, providing the aesthetic of wood moulding with the strength, stability, and perfection that only aluminum provides.  


STRONG. Aluminum will not warp, shrink or twist. Perfect for large sized images, humid conditions and commercial applications.

ARCHIVAL. Aluminum is an inert material that does not outgas or contain acids, eliminating the need to seal the rabbet when doing conservation framing.

ALWAYS IN STYLE. Metal is a timeless material. Whether for its retro colors, contemporary minimalist profiles, or traditional brushed finishes, Nielsen is always in style.

PROFILES. The broadest array of profiles for every framing need, including flat tops, rounds tops, scoops, swans, contemporary and specialty shapes.


FINISHES. Hundreds of anodized and painted colors with unique brushing and texturing, and exclusive specialty finishes.

CUSTOMIZATION. Looking for a finish not available on the profile which interests you? You would like a unique profile shape? Depending on the size of your project, we have various customization options possible.

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