Bainbridge offers professional framers the most extensive selection of high-quality matboards and foamboards, as well as graphics and illustration boards. With its patented Artcare™ preservation technology, Bainbridge has also become the preferred name among conservators and museums worldwide.

Framing Products


Choose from a vast selection of colors, fabrics and textures, many available with patented Artcare™ technology for industry-leading preservation and permanence.


Bainbridge brings customers a vast selection of foamboards for every framing need—from advanced archival products with patented Artcare™ technology to heat-activated specialty boards.

Graphic and Mount Boards

Bainbridge brings you a wide selection of mountboards, presentation boards and illustration boards.

Artcare Technology

Artcare™ products are scientifically proven to provide superior art and photo protection, trusted by the world’s leading museums and archives to protect historic artifacts and documents.